Multiple Payment Calculator

Know the monthly payment for hundreds and even thousands of properties in seconds. Increase the purchasing power by tens of thousands of dollars and quickly identify the best deals on the market! Find your client a property that nobody without the software can!

Unlike online payment calculators, InstantPQ ® will calculate the monthly payment based on your loan type, with the actual property taxes, the actual homeowner’s association, a very close estimate to the property insurance premium, the actual mortgage insurance based on the loan type and the daily rate from a mortgage company or the one you enter. Buyers can actually make quick purchasing decisions because they do understand the payments they can afford every month.

Agents import the data from the MLS search catered to the client. InstantPQ ® will ask you the loan type (FHA, VA, Jumbo, Conventional), interest rate and estimated closing date. The patent pending software will calculate the actual payment for hundreds of properties at the same time, and only display the properties whose payments are affordable to the buyer based on the desired payment amount.

A buyer does not want to spend more than $2,150.00 per month for an FHA loan putting 3.5% down in Broward County, Fl. Most banking institutions will tell that buyer to find a house up to $250,000.00 or at most $275,000.00. Using InstantPQ ®, the same buyer can identify and buy properties up to $330,000.00!

Buyers now have substantially higher purchasing power, regardless of what their banking institution told them. Agents can not only make the sale, but they also average $50,000.00 more! Users can easily identify the best buys in the market!

InstantPQ ® software is affiliated with Bluecastle Lending LLC, a Florida licensed mortgage company. All numbers are backed by Bluecastle Lending!